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Waldent Professional K-File 21mm
Waldent Professional K-File 21mm
Waldent Professional K-File 21mm
Waldent Professional K-File 21mm
Waldent Professional K-File 21mm
Waldent Professional K-File 21mm

Waldent Professional K-File 21mm


Stainless Steel Hand K-File

Waldent Professional K File is manufactured by twisting or grinding a square or triangular tapered shaft so that the cutting edges are almost perpendicular to the long axis of the instrument. They are designed with four cutting edges & a 60° tip with a 135° cutting angle with good cutting ability.

This together with its tight spiral ensure a safe preparation. 

With a more refined cutting edge and a square cross-section, these files last up to 8-10 endodontic cases.


  • For cleaning and shaping of canals.
  • Negotiating the canals with hand files prior to using rotary files.
  • It can be used as a pre-bent file in curved canals.


  • Sharp and mirror-like finishing edge.
  • Its hard-fiber stainless steel prevents corrosion after repeated cleaning and sterilization.
  • Have less separation potential.
  • Have the potential to bypass obstruction with great ease.
  • Provide Smooth Tactile Feel during Instrumentation.
  • Used with rasping, pulling motion, or watch winding motion.
  • Tighter flutes, with more in number when compared to the reamer.
  • Handles are made up of medical grade plastic, ISO color-coded &; numbered according to size.
  • Blades are made of a special stainless steel alloy, which allows a high degree of elasticity & tensile strength.
  • Inactive pilot tip.
  • K file is the strongest of the hand file.


  • For severely curved canals.

Note: Recommended to use in the single patient only.

Features :-


  • Made of high-quality Stainless Steel – Allow a high degree of Elasticity & Tensile Strength.
  • Improved Design of hand end – Better Grip.


  • It’s a Finger/ Hand Instrument.


  • The K-type file works in Filing motion (Push-Pull motion).


  • ISO color-coded handles by size.


  • Have non-cutting pilot tip – prevent transportation.


  • Autoclavable at 135° Celsius
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Product Details
Key Specifications :-

 Rusting Prevention


 Ultrasonic cleaned



 Right & Left hand

 Test Performed

 Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape   Test


 Plastic Box


 CE & ISO Certified

Packaging :-

  • Pack of 6 Files.


Direction to Use :-

Watch Winding Technique

  • The use of the file in a forward and backward motion, as if watch winding, with slight apical pressure.
  • This allows the file to effectively debride the canal dentine by moving slowly down the canal. 
  • For K-type files, once the file has reached the desired working length a push and pulling action is used around the circumference of the canal, while only maintaining contact with the canal wall on the outstroke to minimize a debris blockage apically.
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