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Double blood bag SAGM- 350

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Additive solution containing combinations of Saline, Adenine, Glucose and Manitol (SAGM) provides extended shelf life of RBC up to 42 days with increased functional viability.

TOTM (Tri-Octyl-Tri-Mellitate) Plasticised Platelet transfer bag with sufficient gas permeability is suitable for extended storage of viable platelets for approximately 5 days at 25 degree Celsius.

Reduced density of red blood cell concentrate on addition of SAGM solution allows better flow property of Red blood cell and better transfusion.

Allows larger volume of plasma to be collected and hence better yield of components like platelets and fresh frozen plasma

High level of ATP in red blood cells as red cell viability is increased because of SAGM solution

Available in triple & quadruple blood bag system
350 ml X 2 + 300 ml, 450 ml X 2 + 300 ml

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