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This little cup can clean out dirt and debris.This is even a great way to relieve dry eyes. One little rinse will go a long way for your eye health.

Easy to use & hassle-free

  • Fill liquid in the cup.
  • Place eye over the cup.
  • Gently adjust the position to fit the cup in the eye socket fully.
  • Dip eyes into the cup & blink for thoroughly cleansed eyes.

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Product Details
  • Reliable cup to use and safely eliminate dirt, debris, or any eye irritants for eye relief
  • Smooth curved lip to fit comfortably around eye socket
  • Perfect to use for tired eyes and improve circulation for clean and refreshed eye
  • Durable
  • Chemical-free
  • Made of high grade and robust plastic.
  • Oval shape fits entirely on the eye contour
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